The Manifesto of Ohjelmistofriikit Certified Partners™

Open Partnership

Transparency in Pricing: We are committed to open and honest communication regarding pricing. We provide both clients and freelancers with a clear and standardized pricing structure, ensuring there are no hidden discrepancies. Additionally, we will present a comprehensive project scope, outlining objectives and expectations upfront to ensure clarity.

Problem-Solving Partnership: We value the perspectives and needs of both our clients and freelancers. In any situation, we will work together to find fair and balanced solutions. We commit to promptly addressing any concerns, disagreements, or misunderstandings. Our aim is to maintain a harmonious working environment.

Clear Communication: We pledge to maintain transparent, timely, and effective communication with freelancers. This includes providing regular project updates, responding promptly to inquiries, and keeping freelancers informed of any changes or developments throughout the project.

Flexibility and Adaptability: We understand that challenges may arise during projects. Our commitment to flexibility means that we will adapt and find the best possible solution when issues occur, prioritizing the interests of all parties involved. We ensure that project scopes can be adjusted to accommodate changing circumstances.


Honoring Agreements: We believe in the importance of maintaining the integrity of our contracts throughout the entire contract period. Our agreements are designed to be clear, fair, and unwavering. We also promise to present detailed project briefs, objectives, and expectations, ensuring that all parties can trust that the terms will be honored, and the project’s direction is clear.

Timely Payments: We strive to make payments to freelancers by the due date. If, for any reason, there are delays in payment, we are committed to communicating these delays well in advance. We provide a payment schedule that allows freelancers to plan their finances with confidence.

Accountability and Quality: We take full responsibility for the projects we manage. Our work is characterized by diligence, sustainability, and continuous improvement.

Respect for Privacy: We hold the privacy of freelancers in the highest regard. We will only provide a freelancer’s information to a client with the explicit consent of the freelancer. Respecting privacy ensures that freelancers can trust us to protect their personal information.


Open Criteria for Freelancer Selection: We openly communicate the criteria we use to select freelancers for projects. All qualified freelancers meeting these criteria will have an equal opportunity to submit their proposals to us. We believe in fairness and merit-based selection. We also commit to embracing diversity and inclusion in our freelancer selection process. For clarity’s sake, it should be noted that headhunting a freelancer does not require posting the project details anywhere, as all freelancers have an equal opportunity to indicate their availability for headhunting.

Equal Treatment: We are dedicated to treating all parties equally. We aim to build mutual trust between our clients and freelancers. We foster an environment where every participant is respected and valued, ensuring that trust is a cornerstone of our working relationships. We also commit to nurturing long-term partnerships with freelancers, providing stability and continuity in work.

By committing to these principles, we aim to create a more positive, transparent, and equal working environment. We believe that these values not only benefit our freelancers but also enhance our reputation and ensure the success of our projects. Our partnership pledge is the foundation of productive and successful collaborations with all our stakeholders.

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