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Ohjelmistofriikit is Finland’s most rapidly growing network of software freelancers.

Ohjelmistofriikit currently has over 200 freelancers,
and the number keeps growing every day!

Benefits for businesses: Why become a partner?

The primary benefit for you is easy access to a comprehensive freelancer network. Many companies put a lot of effort into building their own subcontractor networks. Partnership allows you to avoid a significant amount of work and gain better visibility into the best freelancers, leading to increased sales.

Whether you’re a broker, recruiter, or simply interested in collaboration, you are welcome to join the Ohjelmistofriikit Certified Partners™ program (more information below).

Benefits for freelancers: Why join the network?

Ohjelmistofriikit differs from other networks in that it’s not the subcontractor network of a single company. All network members share the same goal: to get more and better gigs. You can help others with your small contribution and, in return, receive contributions from everyone else.

Within the network, information about industry changes is openly shared, information that you might not easily access through other means. For example, fluctuations in supply and demand and market prices are things you might not normally pay attention to in the middle of a project.

Who can join?

Anyone working in the software industry as a freelancer, regardless of their job description, can join the network. The only requirement is to have your own company or operate as a light entrepreneur.

Our members include coders, UI/UX designers, automation testers, designers, software testers, service designers, DevOps experts, and project managers, covering a wide range of expertise.

Note: If you’re just transitioning into freelancing, you are welcome to join once you meet the above-mentioned requirements. Before that, it’s a good idea to network with other freelancers, for example, on LinkedIn.

Ohjelmistofriikit Certified Partners™

Companies specializing in software consulting that use freelancers as subcontractors can become Certified Partner companies. For example, the company can be an agency or a software company that offers regular subcontracting work or projects to freelancers.

Certified Partner companies commit to following the partnership manifesto created by the Ohjelmistofriikit community. They have the opportunity to access a list of available or soon-to-be-available freelancers as well as a CV bank. Companies can use the Ohjelmistofriikit Certified Partners logo on their websites and in their marketing. Similarly, Ohjelmistofriikit will add the logos of Certified Partner companies to their own websites.

Collaboration between Ohjelmistofriikit and Certified Partner companies is continually evolving, and companies can increasingly integrate into the Ohjelmistofriikit community. To become a Certified Partner company, you can contact us via email at contact@ohjelmistofriikit.fi.

How to join as a freelancer?

The Ohjelmistofriikit network is currently active on Slack. You can join it using the form below. Administration manually reviews all joining requests, so you will typically receive an invitation to Slack within a few hours.

GDPR: Your joining request will be sent to the Ohjelmistofriikit Slack group admins for review. In this regard, your personal data may be processed outside the EU, such as in the USA.

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